The BBEd Yoga for Learning Programme


Using yoga and mindfulness as tools for whole school improvement

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Rachel Hawkes

The BBEd Yoga for Learning Programme

The BBEd Yoga programme is an innovative collection of new yoga courses and materials specifically designed to use yoga as vehicle for promoting behaviours for learning in the classroom and support pupils with mental health issues.

Through a partnership with Rachel Hawkes at BB Yoga,  we have been able to bring my expertise in Physical Education, teaching and learning and SEN together with her expertise in children’s yoga, psychology and child development to create a unique tool for schools to impact on whole school improvement through yoga.

Rachel has a Degree in English & Psychology from Liverpool University and has studied Child Developmental Psychology at Degree Level.  She has a wealth of experience as a children’s yoga teacher and massage therapist and her unique style of yoga draws on all these skills, resulting in a dynamic, creative approach, rooted in promoting healthy physical and psychological development in young children

It's Yoga... but not as you know it

Equips staff with no prior experience of yoga to plan and deliver fun and creative yoga sessions for children

Is specifically designed to impact on children’s physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Provides the tools that children and teachers need to transfer key behaviour for learning strategies from their yoga session into the classroom

Is aligned to the National Curriculum for PE and therefore can be delivered within or outside curriculum time.

Can be used as an intervention for pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.

Comes complete with pre and post intervention assessments to enable impact evaluation

Is specifically designed to impact on children’s physical, social, emotional and mental health and well being

Our Offer

Yoga Interventions

Yoga can be the ideal medium for delivering interventions to pupils with specific needs. The BBEd Yoga intervention programmes are 10 week programmes, designed jointly by a primary SENCo and a children’s yoga teacher, that target specific social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs and come complete with all the impact evaluation materials necessary to track pupil progress.

Mindful Moments

On this course, delegates will explore the concept of mindfulness and how it can be developed within the primary school context to support pupil wellbeing. Our approach can be used with children, from nursery / year R through to year 6 and teaches the basic principles of mindfulness through a progressive, child-friendly and relevant approach. The course also looks at how simple activities can be embedded within the day to day practice of the school and how school staff can also benefit from a whole school approach to mindfulness, including the use of mindful techniques to prepare pupils for tests, promote self-regulation and improve concentration.

Creative Yoga

This one day course, perfect for staff in primary schools who would like to introduce yoga as part of the PE curriculum or as an extra-curricular activity, is designed for those with little or no prior experience of yoga and those who have practiced yoga themselves but are not familiar with children’s yoga.
The course will introduce delegates to the basic principles of yoga, using a non-secular approach, and provide them with a wealth of ideas for planning and delivering fun and engaging yoga sessions for primary-aged pupils. 

Yoga for Learning

Designed for staff in primary schools who have a basic understanding of delivering children’s yoga sessions, this course focuses on how to create a yoga programme that can impact on children’s learning in the classroom.
Focusing on key skills and behaviours for learning, such as focus and attention, language development, resilience, speaking and listening and emotional literacy, delegates will learn how to plan and develop a yoga programme with these skills at its core

Our upcoming courses


22nd Nov 2018          Mindful Moments          Wouldham Primary

23rd Jan 2019            Creative Yoga                West Kent (venue TBC) 

30th Jan 2019          Creative Yoga                 East Kent (venue tbc)

6th March 2019         Yoga for Learning         Wouldham Primary